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J. E. Perdue Landscaping and Garden Center, was established in 1994 and is family owned and operated. To better serve our customers we moved to Colonial Heights, Virginia in 2004. We are a full service Landscaping and Garden Center with over 20 years experience. Our mission is Customer Service and Satisfaction, providing quality products and services in a friendly and affordable environment. Our extensive line of products and services are available for both Commercial and Residential customers. We serve the Tri-City Area to include Colonial Heights, Chesterfield, Chester, Dinwiddie, Hopewell, Petersburg, Richmond, Carson, Prince George, and Disputanta. Our services include, Lawn Service and Maintenance (Your Yard Will Love Us), Installation of Flower Beds or renewing your Old Flower Beds. Let us help you design your Garden and choose the best plants or shrubs for your viewing pleasure. We also offer Delivery or Pick Up, contact us for current prices. All Bulk Products are sold as small as 1/2 yard or larger.

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Monday ~ Friday
8:00am ~ 5:00pm
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Q. How do I know how many yards to purchase?

Determine the total number of square footage needed
to be covered.
Square Areas: Length x Width
Circular Areas: Radius x Itself x 3.14
Determine what depth you want for coverage below:


1 cubic yd covers

1" 324 sq. ft.
2" 162 sq. ft.
3" 108 sq. ft.
4" 81 sq .ft.
5" 64.8 sq. ft.

Take your total number of sq. ft. and divide by the number to
the right of your chosen depth. This will give you the correct
amount of Mulch needed

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